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By identifying the gaps in your control and stock management, regular stock takes will help you protect profits and grow your business. Mark solutions stock auditors are industry experts who provide service on stock takes and stock audits for company. Our professional stock takers will collaborate with you to increase your turnover and profits.

What stock auditing is important?

Stock auditing is the process of physically verifying the physical stock kept in the company's warehouse and comparing the results to the stock registers kept by the company. Inventory auditing is another name for it. It is required in manufacturing and retail companies where raw materials must be converted into finished goods, and it is the standard process for maintaining a healthy business and ensuring its success. A company's inventory level has a direct impact on its profit. Any error in the report can result in additional costs for the organization.

Why is a mark solution the best way to audit your inventory?

We mark solution provide the best audit inventory service. There's no need to be concerned about wague stock counts anymore. We provide you with a comprehensive report that includes slow-moving stock, deadstock, obsolete stock, discrepancies between recorded stocks and physical stock, and proper stock preservation and handling.

Is it possible for me to manage my stock on my own ?

Yes you can. We are provide you an effecient applciation to veriy stock and perform internal stock audit. Click here to learn more about the application.

how to get started with eMark?

Nothing more difficult to get started. All you have to do is follow the instructions outlined below. Our customer support staff will handle the rest. You might also contact us or email us an enquiry to request a demo. Please see our contact information here.

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A stock audit, also known as an inventory audit, is the physical verification of a company's or institution's inventory assets. Every business organization should conduct an audit once a year to update and ensure that the physical stock and computed stock are in sync.